What are the types of Computers?

The computer is an electronic device where you can do many things among them you can store data, process data, and also retrieve data. You can send an email, type documents, you can connect to the world through the internet by computer.

Types Of Computer

According to different type of internal structure, size, and features  computer are five type
  1. Super Computer
  2. Mainframe Computer
  3. Mini frame or Mini computer
  4. Workstation
  5. Micro Computer


Supercomputers are the largest computer in the world. These are powerful and fastest computers in performance. Due to high speed in performance, these computers have been used in scientific and engineering work. In computer science, supercomputer takes a major role. Supercomputers are used for computational tasks in different fields like weather forecasting, climate research, oil and gas exploration, molecular modeling, etc.

Mainframe Computer 

A mainframe computer is a larger computer than a mini-computer, server workstations, and personal computers. Another informal name of the mainframe computer is big iron. This type of computer is used in large organizations because it can execute a large no of instructions simultaneously.

Mini frame or Mini computer

MiniComputer is a general purpose computer that develop in the mid-1960s and first manufactured by Data General,DEC and Hewlett Packard companies. The Position of miniframe computer is in between mainframe computer and microcomputer. It is larger than microcomputer and smaller than mainframe computer. Minicomputer have small size disk as compared to mainframe computer.It’s memory storage is less. Due to  small size of disk and memory storage the processing speed of miniframecomputer is slower than mainframe computer.Pocessing speed of minicomputer ranges between 10 to 30 MIPS. Examples: IBM System/3,TI-990,Honeywell 200 etc.


Workstation is designed primarily to used one person at a time for technical or scientific application. These are  connected to a local area network and run multi-user operating system.Perhaps in the year 1960 the first workstation was the IBM 1620, a small scientific computer which is designed for a single person. Micro Computer This is a small,expensive computer  with a microprocessor as its central processing unit(CPU). Micro Computer contain a microprocessor,memmory input/output circuit which are connected to  single printed circuit board(PCB). Micro computer was popular in the year 1970s nd 1980s. with powerful microprocessor. Computer maker company packaged microcomputers for use in small business application.

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