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What is Chromebook

Chromebook is nothing but a laptop or tablet but the difference is in Chromebook Linux-based Chrome OS is running as the operating system.


The first Chromebook start shipping on June 25, 2011 but was announced for sale in May 2011 at the google I/o conference by Acer Inc and Samsung for sale. In May 2012 a desktop version known as Chromebox was introduced for laptops. You can use Chromebook for several tasks by using the google chrome browser but in 2017 another feature of Chromebook came i.e in Chromebook you can also run Android apps. In 2018 Linux apps are fully run in Chromebook. Chromebook works offline.

In 2014 Chrome Webstore filter apps for offline. There are no android and Linux apps that are able to run without an internet connection. Applications like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Keep, and Google drive synchronize data when reconnecting to the internet. Google Play video content is available in offline google play movies & TV extensions.


Design Of Chromebook

In Chromebook, Google Chrome OS is used when they are shipped. In this operating system, Linux kernel is used with google chrome web browser and also integrated with media player. When enabling developer mode that allows installing Linux distribution on Chromebook. A script named as Crouton which allows to install Linux distribution from Chrom OS and simultaneously run both operating system. In Some Chromebook installation and boot, Linux distribution turns directly with the help of SeaBIOS which is included in Chromebook. Users can add web apps from Chrome Web Store instead of traditional applications. According to Google no need for antivirus software due to multilayer security architechture. It also supports plug and plays features for other USB devices like cameras, mice, external keyboards and flash drivers, etc.   

Chromebook in Education

Chromebook taking an important role in the field of education. It gives the low cost of hardware, software, and maintenance. Compare to other market competitors Chromebook machine is very simple. Due to this simplicity reduce the training and maintenance costs in school.

By January 2012 google successfully placed 27,000 Chromebooks in schools of 41 states of the US.Google allocates Chromebook to every student in a “one-on-one” program. this program was implemented in South Carolina, Illinois, and Iowa. In 2014 an app was designed for teachers which is named as Google classroom app which serves all activities of class like attendance, classroom discussions, homework, and communication with parents and students. According to research firms Gartner and Canalys that Due to the covid-19 pandemic 30 million Chromebook was shipped in2020 for remote learning.

Chromebook Update

From 2020 google supports the new Chromebook with an automatic update for 8 years which was previously 6.5 years.


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