What is Computer?

What is Computer?

 Actually “Computer” word comes from word compute and meaning of compute is where you’ll calculate. Computer is an electronic device where you can do many things among them you can store data, process data and also retrieve data. You can send email, type documents, you can connect to world through internet by computer. You can  draw different type of picture, games. To  describe “What is computer ?” is not eassy to describe in few lines. 


Now you need a computer for most of the work that may be office work or personal work. Due to e-governance you have to do all the work like electricity bill payment, Telephone bill payment, e-registration etc. by the help of computer. You can also watch movies, access social media, play games in computer.

From covid-19 computer takes very important role in students learning. They are doing their online classes through computer. You can take online education form exports through computer from any corner of world. 

Types Of Computer 

According to different type of internal structure, size and features  computer are five type

  1. Super Computer
  2. Mainframe Computer
  3. Miniframe or Mini computer
  4. Workstation
  5. Micro Computer


Super computer is the largest computer in the world.

Mainframe Computer 

Mainframe computer is a large computer. You can execute large no of instruction simultaneously. 

Miniframe Computer


Micro Computer


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