What is Laptop?

The laptop is a small, portable, personal computer(pc) having a screen and alphanumeric keyboard. Another alternative name is laptop computer or notebook computer. The name Laptop comes from the word lap because that was placed on a person’s lap when being used. The laptop has folded structure that contains two parts upper and lower. Inside of the upper lid, a screen is mounted, and inside of the lower lid contains a keyboard. Nowadays laptops are used in different works like education, for playing games, browsing website, personal multimedia, home use.

Like desktop laptop having all capabilities. It contains data storage, operating system, and memory into a single unit. Also, laptops have input/output components, a display screen, small size speaker,keyboard. Now laptop manufacturer giving in-built microphones and integrated webcams. The laptop has a touchscreen for input but you can also attach a mouse to the laptop. You can supply power to the laptop from an internal battery or external power supply AC Adaptor. Like desktop hardware specification,speed and memory capacity varies from one manufacturer to another. It also depends on the price.

There is diffrent type of laptop are available according to design and constuction these are

rugged note book :- Use in consruction and millitary application.

OLPC(one laptop per child):- These are low production cost laptopa and cointain features like solar charging and semiflexible component

Portable c

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