What is printer? | Types Of Printer

 A printer is an hardawre device that is attached to the computer externally to print a document which may be a text file or image file or a combination of both.

Types Of Printer

The printer is mainly categorized into main two types

  1. Impact
  2. Non Impact

 Impact Printer

Impact printer is based on electro-mechanism technology. In this technology, a hammer or pin strike to ink ribbon directly in result letter is print on paper.

Impact printer again categories into two depending on their printing procedure.

  • Character Printer   
  • Line Printer

Let’s discuss one by one

Character Printer

  • Character Printer print one character at a time.
  • This printer takes more time to print so the speed of printing is very slow due to this character it is a light-duty printer.
  • Character printer is not very expensive.

Types of Character Printer

Character printer again divided into two types

  • Daisy-wheel printer
  • Dot-matrix printer
Daisy-wheel printer

In this type of printer, a daisy wheel is used to print. This wheel is a font wheel. Daisy-wheel has no petal or hammer and each hammer has a character raised on it. This wheel spin rapidly with a help of a motor. When a character needs to print then the character comes to the correct position at that time print the hammer strike on the ink ribbon and then the character print on paper.

The speed of the Daisy-wheel printer ranges from 10-75 characters with a loud noise.  In electronic typewriters, these printers are commonly used.

Advantages of Daisy-wheel printer

With this printer, you can print good-quality characters.

Disadvantages of a Daisy-Wheel Printer
  • Print very slow
  • Loud
  • This printer Can’t print Graphics.
  • this is more expensive than a dot matrix printer.
Dot-Matrix Printer

This is a popular printer among serial printers. In Dot matrix printer characters is print in a dot pattern. This printer has a print head which is made with a matrix of tiny needles which is  9*7  matrix needles that mean 9 rows with 7 columns.  So characters are print in the form of tiny dots due to needle head.  Carbon is present between pinheads and paper. When the pin strike over the carbon the character print on the paper.

Dot-matrix printer print 40-600 characters per second. It can print different shapes, sizes, and fonts. Dot-matrix printer has another advantage it can print charts and graphics.

Advantages of the Dot matrix printer
  • printing speed is high
  • Print more characters per second
  • It can print on continuous paper
  • Print chart and graphics.
  • It is less expensive.
  • Print low-quality characters.
  • loud

Line Printer

  • It prints one line at a time, so this is the reason it is named a line printer.
  • This printer less time to print so the printing ability of this printer is very speed. Due to these properties, this printer is a heavy-duty printer.
  • Line printer is more expensive compare to character printer.
  • Line printer printing speed lies in the range of 300-3000 lines per minute(LPM).

Types of Line Printers

Line Printers are of two types

  1. Drum Printer
  2. Chain Printer

Drum Printer

In this printer a cylindrical drum is present. On the surface of the drum set of characters are present and also associated with a set of hammers. Each hammer associate with one character. Paper is placed in front of the hammer. When the drum rotates, the hammer wait for the desired character when the desired character comes in front of the hammer it immediately strikes on the ink ribbon and character print on the paper. It prints in a line when one line is completed paper moves in an upward direction to print the next line

Chain Printer

In this printer chain and link of the chain is a character. This chain rotates very rapidly. At the print position of each character, magnetically driven hammers are present. When the required character comes to a print position at that time hammers strike the ribbon and the character prints a line at a time. The speed ranges from 400-24000 LPM. This printer creates very loud.

Non-Impact Printer

A nonimpact printer is the opposite of an impact printer. In this type no direct contact to ribbon to print. This printer follows other technologies these are laser, geographic, chemical, electrostatic, and inkjet.

Non-impact printers are categorized into 3 types

  1. laser Printer
  2. Inkjet Printer
  3. Thermal Printer

Laser Printer

The first laser printer is first introduced in 1975 by IBM. This is a popular type of non-impact printer which is based on the electrostatic digital printing process. In this printer, a selenium-coated drum is used. When a document is to be print the laser beam draws the document on the drum which is charged with an electrical charger. After the charged drum is rolled over a dry powder ink is known as toner. Then toner transfer to the paper with heat and pressure. After printing drum is removed from the drum.

Personal laser printers are eligible to print an average of 200 pages per week. Production print 50,000 or more pages per week.

Inkjet Printer

Injet is a commonly used printer. This type of printer is used by all categories of consumers i.e from inexpensive to expensive consumers. This inkjet printing concept is originated in the 20th century. In 1950 it is fully developed. In the worldwide inkjet printer sales by four company these are Canon, HP, Epson, and Brother.

Inkjet printer recreates digital images by propelling droplets of ink onto paper and plastic substrates. Inkjet printers are affordable and good in use.

Thermal Printer

In this type  digital printing process is used. In this process, a printed image is produced by passing paper with thermochromic coating i.e thermal paper on a print head which have a tiny element that is heated electrically. The coating becomes black where it is heated, and produces an image.


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