What is UPS ? | Types of UPS

What is UPS ?

UPS means uninterruptible power supply. It is also known as an uninterruptible source. This is a hardware device that is used in computer systems to protect computer hardware from power failure or power fluctuation. It also gives battery backup in power failure as a result you can able to save your unsaved data and you can properly shut down your system. If you are not using UPS then in power failure you can face lots of problems because you can’t get time to shut down properly and it makes your computer’s internal parts damage. 

Types Of UPS

Types of ups depend on ups based on which technology. UPS have three different type topology. It gives protection at a specific level according to its topology. These topologies are :

  • Standby
  • Line-interactive
  • Double-Conversion

Let’s discuss one by one


This type of topology used UPS is used for basic electronic devices, computers, POS systems, security systems, This is a basic  Topology. In this topology, UPS battery gives backup power to general power problem likes blackout, voltage surge or voltage sag. When incoming power increase or decrease from utility power at that time UPS  convert to DC battery power and then convert to AC battery power which helps to run electronic devices.

Line interactive

In this topology  power source regulate voltage automaticly that means UPS autotransformer regulate low and high volatages without switch to battery.In Line-interctive, power supply is the main source but due to invertor/convertor technology battery is charged throughout normal operation. This UPS power supply converts battery power to AC power during any outage. This UPS used for short term power failures or during low voltage. If this situation continue for long time then its battery power allows to shut down safely.


This Type of UPS follows Double or delta conversion technology. In this technology device does not recieve power directly from AC . It follows certain  steps to get power i.e  AC power transfor to a rectifier which convert AC power to DC power then this DC power go to battery then inverter at last back  to AC then power is safely transfor to equipment. By this process equipment get constantly equal power supply. In delta conversion technology some amount of power skip this processing steps and computer,routers and other  devices get that power directly.

This On-line UPS used  to protect  mission-critical IT devices, Large data center from damage caused due to voltage sag,surge,voltage spike, blackout etc.
















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