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What is printer? | Types Of Printer

 A printer is an hardawre device that is attached to the computer externally to print a document which may be a text file or image file or a combination of both. Types Of Printer The printer is mainly categorized into main two types Impact Non Impact  Impact Printer Impact printer is based on electro-mechanism technology. […]


What is UPS ? | Types of UPS

What is UPS ? UPS means uninterruptible power supply. It is also known as an uninterruptible source. This is a hardware device that is used in computer systems to protect computer hardware from power failure or power fluctuation. It also gives battery backup in power failure as a result you can able to save your […]


Computer Control Keys

    Keys Function 1. Ctrl+A Select all 2. Ctrl+B Bold 3. Ctrl+C Copy 4. Ctrl+D 1.Font window(word) 2. Add to bookmarks in the browser 5. Ctrl+E Center alignment(word) 6. Ctrl+F Find data in the file 8. Ctrl+G Go To Line Number 9. Ctrl+H Replace 10. Ctrl+I Italic 11. Ctrl+J Justify alignment(word) 12. Ctrl+K insert […]


What is Laptop?

The laptop is a small, portable, personal computer(pc) having a screen and alphanumeric keyboard. Another alternative name is laptop computer or notebook computer. The name Laptop comes from the word lap because that was placed on a person’s lap when being used. The laptop has folded structure that contains two parts upper and lower. Inside […]


What are the types of Computers?

The computer is an electronic device where you can do many things among them you can store data, process data, and also retrieve data. You can send an email, type documents, you can connect to the world through the internet by computer. Types Of Computer According to different type of internal structure, size, and features  […]


What is Computer?

When we give some task to computer it works in a way i.e input then process then output. We write that with the help of a keyboard or mouse that is known as input. That task is a process in the CPU(central processing unit) and when processing is completed, we see that result in our […]